Full List of publications

Towards AI-Based Traffic Counting System with Edge Computing
Duc-Liem Dinh, Hong-Nam Nguyen, Huy-Tan Thai, Kim-Hung Le
Journal of Advanced Transportation (2021)

AirGen: GAN-based synthetic data generator for air monitoring in Smart City
Khanh-Hoi Le Minh, Kim-Hung Le
RTSI (2021)

Artificial Cognition for Early Leaf Disease Detection using Vision Transformers
Huy-Tan Thai, Nhu-Y Tran-Van, Kim-Hung Le
ATC (2021)

Empirical Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning based DDoS Attack Detections
Bao-Sam Tran, Thi-Huyen Ho , Thanh-Xuan Do, Kim-Hung Le
RICE (2021)

Deep-IDS: A lightweight Neural Network based Intrusion Detection System
Xuan-Duong Nguyen, Xuan-Ha Nguyen, Hoang-Hai Huynh, Kim-Hung Le
RICE (2021)

LS-TFP A LSTM-Based Traffic Flow Prediction Method in Intelligent Internet of Things
Nhu-Y Tran-Van, Nhat-Tuan Pham, Kim-Hung Le
RICE (2021)

Towards Remote Deployment for Intrusion Detection System to IoT Edge devices
Xuan-Thanh Do, KimHung Le
RICE (2021)

A Real-Time Evaluation Framework for Machine learning-based IDS
Anh-Hao Vu, Minh-Quan Nguyen-Khac ,Xuan-Thanh Do, Kim-Hung Le
RICE (2021)

ODLIE: On-Demand Deep Learning Framework for Edge Intelligence in Industrial Internet of Things
Khanh-Hoi Le Minh, Kim-Hung Le
NICS (2021)

LS-SPP: A LSTM-Based Solar Power Prediction Method from Weather Forecast Information
Nhat-Tuan Pham, Nhu-Y Tran-Van, Kim-Hung Le
NICS (2021)

An Ensemble Feature Selection Algorithm for Machine Learning based Intrusion Detection System
Phuoc-Cuong Nguyen, Quoc-Trung Nguyen, Kim-Hung Le
NICS (2021)