Welcome to Intelligent Edge Computing Reasearch Group

We are an active research group at the University of Information Technology. Our aim is to blends theory and system research focusing on developing Secure and Intelligent Services for IoT underlying several AI or Machine Learning methods, and their applications to industrial domains, such as the IT infrastructure industries and Smart City.

To this end, we are running various projects about surveillance AI camera powered by deep learning models, Intelligent Instruction Detection System, AI for resource-constrained IoT devices…. (see Research).

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Research Internship, and Master students to join the team (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from University of Information Technology and Vietnam National University


20. February 2021

A journal named “MidSiot A Multistage Intrusion Detection System for Internet of Things” have been accepted at Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Journal (ISI-Q2, IF 2.336)!!!

20. January 2022

A journal named “IMIDS An Intelligent Intrusion Detection System against Cyber Threats in IoT” have been accepted at MDPI Electronic Journal (ISI-Q2, IF 2.397) !!!

15. January 2022

A journal named “A Real-Time Evaluation Framework For Machine Learning-Based IDS” have been accepted at MDPI Sensors Journal (ISI-Q1, IF 3.576) !!!

28. December 2021

A journal named “BrainyEdge An AI-enabled framework for IoT edge computing” have been accepted at ICT Express Journal (ISI-Q1, IF 4.317) !!!

06. December 2021

3 articles have been accepted at NICS 2021 !!!

13. August 2021

A article about “Early Leaf Disease Detection” has been accepted at ATC 2021 !!!

30. July 2021

A article about “Synthetic Data Generator” has been accepted at RICE 2021 !!!

17. June 2021

A article about “AI-Based Traffic Counting System” has been accepted at Journal of Advanced Transportation (ISI-Q2, IF 2.419)

10. March 2021

5 articles have been accepted at RICE 2021 !!!

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